Data of 1.3 Million Clubhouse Users Reportedly Leaked Online

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 01.19.2021: Clubhouse application view on the smartphone, controversy 2021 that hides behind the Social app. Clubhouse drop in audio chat application view on the smartphone
Clubhouse is a popular social media app where people can discuss topics.

It has been a rough week for data breaches. First Facebook, then LinkedIn, and now Clubhouse. Cyber News reported on Saturday that the personal data of 1.3 million users of the social network was leaked on a hacking forum. The leaked data included the personal names and social media handles of users, as well as other details. 


The data could potentially allow hackers to target users with phishing scams and identity theft. Clubhouse, launched as an invite-only social media network in March 2020, proved instantly popular. It didn’t take long for the platform to gather millions of users. The app lets users join “rooms” dedicated to various topics. The company is worth an estimated $4 billion. 


This latest data breach comes only a few days after similar breaches at LinkedIn and Facebook. All of these breaches are significant in their own way and pose a significant risk for users. Be on the lookout for suspicious emails and messages and remember to protect your online accounts. 

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