Personal Information of Over Half a Billion Facebook Users Published Online

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Account information for millions of accounts – including Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number – has allegedly found its way online.

Millions of Facebook users could have had their personal data – including sensitive information such as phone numbers – shared on a hacking forum. The data of over 500 million users was stolen due to security issues in 2018, according to Facebook.


The data has now been published online to a hacking forum. Facebook said that the initial problem has since been fixed, but experts warn that even old user data from a few years ago could be used to commit fraud.


The data leak includes the personal information of 533 million accounts. The data leak includes information such as names, locations, birthdays, emails, and phone numbers. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number is allegedly part of the leak.


Alon Gal, the Chief Technology Officer with Hudson Rock, says that a database of this size, filled with private information such as phone numbers for so many Facebook accounts, could easily be used by threat actors looking to take advantage of the information. Hackers can use the data to commit fraud, hack users, and as part of social engineering tactics.


“Individuals signing up to a reputable company like Facebook are trusting them with their data and Facebook (is) supposed to treat the data with utmost respect.” Gal said. “Users having their personal information leaked is a huge breach of trust and should be handled accordingly.”

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