Harvard Study Shows Working From Home More Appealing Than Return to Office Life

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Harvard Business Study shows many would prefer a mixture of working from home and at the office.

A new Harvard Business School Online survey shows that many Americans prefer working at home and would enjoy having the option to continue doing so after pandemic restrictions lift. 


With COVID-19 closing offices around the country and many working remotely, people have had to adjust to the “new normal” and deal with issues such as Zoom fatigue and mixing work and home life when working at home. Even so, most respondents said they felt they had overcome these challenges and even excelled at their profession more than before. 


The survey comes as millions of Americans continue to work remotely over a year after the coronavirus was officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization


The survey showed that while most employees do miss some aspects of office life, such as catching up with co-workers, they don’t want a total return to “normalcy” and instead want more flexibility over how they work. 


Around 81% of respondents said they either didn’t want to go back at all or would like a hybrid system in the future. 27% of employees hope to be able to work at the home full time while 61% said they would like a system where they work two days in the office and three days at home. 


This mindset may prove tricky for employers to deal with, but the employers who do will get access to better talent. 


Around 18% of people said they wanted to return to the office full-time. This includes parents with kids and those who are married. 


While 70% of respondents said they enjoyed spending more time with their family, some said it was too much, and they would like to spend time with co-workers instead. 


However, respondents did say things need to change as far as working in an office is concerned. Roughly half (51%) of people said they would only work in an office after getting fully vaccinated themselves, while 71% were hesitant about returning before everyone was fully vaccinated. 

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