How to Download Windows 10 For Free

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Windows 10 Operating System
Windows 10 is the latest Windows version, but some still haven’t upgraded. Photo by XXSS IS BACK from Pexels

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you’re likely wondering how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The OS isn’t the cheapest around, so it’s hardly surprising people are wondering if it’s possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. 


The good news is that it is possible to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for free. The official offer expired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still claim it. Microsoft has left the door open for older Windows users to upgrade to the new platform. 


With how simple it is to get the free upgrade to Windows 10, it’s like Microsoft are actively encouraging people to take advantage of the loophole. The company likely wants to make it easier for people to upgrade to Windows 1 so they don’t switch to Linux or keep using insecure operating systems like Windows XP. 


Here’s how to download Windows 10 for free. 


Is Windows 10 Free?

The truth is that the Windows 10 operating system has never really been “free.” Windows 10 Home sets you back $139 and the Pro edition is $200. Operating systems are more expensive than most realize. 


Microsoft did initially offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it released the new operating system, but the offer expired long ago. Even so, there is a loophole in the offer that could see you upgrade to Windows 10 for free. 


How to Upgrade to Windows 10 For Free 

  • Check You Meet the Hardware Requirements 

The minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 are;


  • 1GHz or faster CPU
  • 1GB of Ram for Windows 10 32-Bit or 2GB of RAM for Windows 10 64-bit
  • 32GB of storage space 
  • DirectX 9 compatible GPU with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • 800×600 display resolution 
  • Internet connection 


There’s no point in trying to install Windows 10 if your computer doesn’t meet these requirements. It’s also not worth upgrading if you only just meet the requirements. In our experience, you need at least 4GB of RAM, a 2GHz processor, and 160GB of hard drive space for the system to work efficiently. 

  • Download Windows Media Creation Tool 

Download and install the Windows Media Creation Tool after verifying you meet the requirements. Find the “Create Windows 10 Installation Media” option and choose “Download tool now.” 


The tool will ask “What do you want to do?” so click on “Upgrade this PC now.” Follow the wizard through the steps. You’ll have the option to keep your files during the upgrade or start with a fresh and clean hard drive. Enter the license key for your current Operating System and your computer will download and install Windows 10. 


Click on the “Activate” button to obtain a digital license from the Microsoft servers. If you can’t activate Windows 10 automatically, you’ll need to manually enter the original product key. 

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