Nextdoor Launches Anti-Racism Alert Warning Users of Potentially Offensive Posts

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The alert will continue the good work done by the “Kindness Message”

The Nextdoor app is introducing a new feature that alerts users when they might be about to post something racist. The alert asks people to consider editing their post before making it to remove potentially offensive language. As with the Nextdoor Kindness Reminder, the app detects potentially objectionable words and phrases and gives users the option to edit the post before it goes live. Of course, users can simply ignore the warning and post the content as-is. 


When announcing the feature in a blog post, Nextdoor announced that the Kindness Reminder had eliminated 30% of “incivil content” on the platform. It’s hard to say if the new anti-racism alert will prove as effective. Nextdoor provided a sample of how the alert works. In the example, someone goes to post “all lives matter” in response to a Black Lives Matter post. The person in the example chooses to not post the content and instead listen to what the original party has to say. It’s rare that something like that would happen in real life. 


Nextdoor seems aware of this, as the company says it wants people to be aware that their content could be violating the Nextdoor discrimination policy. Comments about “all lives matter,” “white lives matter,” and “blue lives matter,” are already regulated on the platform. 


This new system might not change a lot of minds, but it will hopefully reduce some of the negative behavior on the platform and make it more welcoming and safe for all. 

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