Spectrum Workers Build Their Own ISP While On Strike

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workers on strike in front of a factory. Factory closed, bankrupt
The strike has lasted for four years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Spectrum workers in New York have been striking for four years now. In an attempt to burn the current system to the ground and build on the ashes, the workers have taken to creating their own ISP. If the city gets behind the group, then People’s Choice Communications could soon deliver New Yorkers from the deathgrip of Spectrum and other overbearing ISPs. 


The city is likely to embrace the workers given that it’s been at war with Spectrum itself for some time. Governor Andrew Cuomo has tried to evict Spectrum, attorneys general have chased the company over allegedly defrauding over two million New Yorkers, and the company was accused of risking employee health and safety only a month into the coronavirus pandemic. Spectrum’s unionized workers just passed the fourth-year anniversary of their strike, during which time the CEO for Charter, Spectrum’s parent company, became the third-highest-compensated executive in the country. 


The workers have been on strike since Spectrum came to town in 2016 and bought Time Warner. Workers say the company has shown no interest in good faith bargaining, saying Spectrum tried to eliminate health insurance and pension benefits for workers. 


While some strikers have gone back to work in the past four years, some 1,200 of the original 1,800 strikers are holding the line. The workers take on odd jobs to make ends meet and support themselves and their families. Strikers continue to lose their homes and the issue has broken up families, while media interest in the strike dwindles. 


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