The FCC Wants to Hear How Broken The American Internet Is

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Of all the things that are controversial subjects in America, one that isn’t is that the internet service really really sucks. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced plans to ask the average American about their local internet service as part of plans to update coverage maps.

This marks a break in tradition as the organization would typically use self-reported data from ISPs. This is a risky decision given that ISPs naturally want to paint the best possible picture and pretend everything is impressive. Given that the FCC uses the maps as evidence when proposing regulations, incorrect information can significantly hinder the FFC’s ability to ensure there’s genuine market competition, and that internet access is fairly distributed. For example, the coverage map could indicate you have eleven internet providers in your area when you only have one.

The FCC is finally asking the people directly to get a better picture of what’s really happening. The form is a bit rudimentary and looks more like a general complaint form, however. It doesn’t ask specific questions about broadband. You’ll need to be clear in your response and say how you really feel. The FCC says the current tool is just a placeholder while they work on something more specific.

Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a better internet for America – the country really needs it.

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