The Louvre Brings Art to the Internet by Making Entire Collection Available Online

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Paris, France - July 2019 : Louvre Museum and its glass pyramid on a summer day with tourists entering the museum, panoramic view
Take a trip to France from your living room as the Louvre opens online exhibits.

The worlds’ most famous museum – the Louvre — continues to revamp its online presence by adding a new database of 482,000 pieces to the website. Over three-quarters of the art collection is already labeled with pictures and information. 


The online collection comes after a year of shutdowns for the Louvre, which has led to an explosion in digital visits to the main website. The website has also gotten a new update in recent times. 


“It’s a step that has been in preparation for several years with the aim of serving the general public as well as researchers. Accessibility is at the heart of our mission,” said president-director Jean-Luc Martinez.


The updated Louvre database includes public display pieces and items in storage, such as the items stored at the state-of-the-art facility the Louvre maintains at Lievin in France. 


The digital collection includes pieces from the Delacroix Museum, which the Louvre operates. It also has sculptures from the nearby Tuileries gardens and works recovered from Germany following the Second World War that has yet to be returned to their original owners. 


The museum recently announced that it intended to intensify efforts to find the original owners of items looted from Jewish families by Nazi Germany. 


The museum continues to verify all 13.943 items acquired between 1913 and 1945. The process should hopefully be completed within five years. The museum plans to investigate the origins of works acquired at later dates. 


“The Louvre has nothing to hide, and the reputational risk is enormous,” Jean-Luc Martinez said. “When the next generations want to know where these collections came from, how do we react? By doing the historical work and establishing the facts.”


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