Apple to Discontinue iMac Pro

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Apple iMac
The iMac Pro is an incredible piece of technology.

Apple recently announced it would soon discontinue production of the iMac Pro; currently the most powerful Apple computer on the market.


These powerful machines are still available on a limited basis through the Apple website. You can pick up the standard model for a cool $4,999 if you act fast. However, this is only while supplies last. Apple will no longer produce the machine once the current stock runs out.


The iMac Pro launched in 2017 and was heralded as “the most powerful Mac ever.” Apple wanted to create an all-in-one computer that would serve creatives and professionals alike with advanced graphics and 3D rendering capabilities. However, the company hasn’t paid much attention to the device in recent years.


Apple debuted the 27-inch iMac last August. The new iMac is the go-to option for most people. Apple says the current generation of iMacs is more than enough to meet the needs of professionals, but those who want a little more can choose the Mac Pro. This Mac tower has more power than the standard iMac Pro, rendering the old machine obsolete.


Bloomberg recently reported Apple plans to release new iMac models later this year.

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