Hasbro Launches $700 Optimus Prime Toy that Actually Transforms

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Optimus Prime image courtesy of Hasbro
The new toy really transforms thanks to robotics technology and smartphones. Optimus Prime image courtesy of Hasbro.

Autobots, roll out! Transformers toys exploded on the market in the 80s and have remained a cultural icon ever since. One thing that helped the toys was that you got a car and an action figure in one toy – talk about value for money. As technology advances, so too do the Transformers. Modern toys are difficult to transform from one form to another as there are so many complicated moving parts. 


Hasbro, the company behind the “robots in disguise,” has the answer to our prayers. They haven’t made the toys easier to transform, but have instead made them even more complex with the new Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot. The new Optimus Prime uses real robotics technology to transform by itself. Of course, this advanced technology comes with an expensive price tag – $700. 


Hasbro say the new 19-inch Optimus Prime figure houses nearly 5,000 components, 60 connected microchips, and 27 patented servo motors. All this comes together to create an automated transforming action figure. Optimus Prime is controlled through a mobile app that also accepts voice commands, allowing users to control the toy with phrases such as “convert” and “roll out.”


The latest Transformers toy was made in partnership with Robosen Robotics, which has been making toys that look suspiciously like Transformers for some time now. This new collaboration with Hasbro will allow the company to make official Transformers rather than their usual look-alikes. 


If you have $700 to spare, then you can order the new Optimus Prime from the Hasbro Pulse website and get it on August 2nd

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