Lyft and Uber Create Shared Database of Drivers

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Uber is among the most popular ride-share apps
Uber and Lyft work together to create a safer community – Photo by from Pexels

It’s been over a year since Uber released its initial Safety Report and now the ride-sharing service is working together with main competitor Lyft to create an Industry Sharing Safety Program. This may not be the most exciting name in the world, but the program is definitely a stpe forward for rider safety. The database aims to cut down on sexual violence in particular. 


The program, announced on Thursday, includes a shared list of drivers kicked off of either platform following complaints of unsafe behavior towards riders, including physical and sexual assault. The program represents a joint effort by the groups to protect passengers following safety incidents. The program would prevent a driver kicked off of Lyft from working for Uber, and vice-versa. 


The registry will include any driver deactivations related to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s categories of sexual assault, harassment, misconduct, and physical assault leading to fatalities. The report helped Uber understand sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct incidents caused by drivers. The report broke things down into 21 categories to make safe reporting easier and clearer for all involved. 


For it’s part, Lyft maintains safety training programs for drivers. Drivers must complete this program before they can accept passengers. The program includes sexual misconduct training. 


As well as working together, the two companies have invited others in the transportation and ride-share industry to get involved. They encourage others to share details of drivers that could pose a risk to passengers. 

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