Microsoft Teams Goes Down for Two Hours

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Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent chat in the workplace, video meetings New York, USA. Saturday July 11, 2021
The situation was resolved quickly.

Microsoft Teams went down in a worldwide outage for a few hours. The issues began at around 6:30AM this morning, with systems across Asia and Europe taken down. Microsoft has since identified the root cause and fixed the problem. “We’re seeing signs of recovery and will continue to monitor the service.” It said.


The connectivity issues affected users across the world, with some Microsoft Teams users hit with 401 error codes while attempting to access Teams through the web. Others could get into the service but couldn’t send messages. Microsoft also warned some users could experience “degraded performance” and that any user could have been hit by the issue.


This is the second time this month that Microsoft Teams has gone down, with problems striking at the start of April. Microsoft also experience problems with Teams last month, after the communications app was taken down by an authentication issues. Microsoft services including Office Web, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online were also knocked down.


At least the problems today only affected Teams. It looks like no other services saw problems.

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