New Windows 10 Update Causing Nothing But Trouble

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Bucharest, Romania - February 13,2015: Photo of Windows 10 technical preview running in a virtual machine on a pc screen. Win10 is the new version of Windows OS; it is set for release in 2015.
Windows 10 updates are becoming more trouble than they’re worth lately.

Several Windows 10 users are reporting problems after installing the new “KB5001330” update. Some report that they can’t even install the update. 


Microsoft recently published a new list of updates for April 2021, including Windows 10 KB5001330 for version 20H2/2004. The patch is a mandatory download intended to fix issues caused by the previous update, such as the long-standing printer connection problems. 


Windows Latest is seeing many forum and social media posts showing this is a growing issue. The issue is also being reported on Windows Insider Feedback Hub. Users report the following error messages: 


  • 0x800f081f
  • 0x800f0984
  • 0x800f0922


Reddit users are reporting issues playing video games, including frame rate drops and stuttering graphics. They determined the update was the cause of the problem after rolling back the update caused their computers to work normally again. 


One major concern about the update is that it brought back the Temporary User bug from late 2020. The bug causes user files and settings to disappear and forces users to log in with a guest profile. The bug is thankfully rare and easily fixed as you can manually restore files and settings if necessary. 


Here’s how to correct the latest Windows 10 update error if you run into it; 


  • Open Settings
  • Choose “Update and Security”
  • Choose “Windows Update”
  • Choose “View Update History”
  • “Click on “Uninstall Updates” and then uninstall the KB5001330 update
  • Restart your computer


Windows updates have become more trouble than they are worth lately, with almost every update causing more problems than it solves. Microsoft hasn’t officially commented on the issue, but given that you can easily undo the update if something goes wrong we recommend you still run the update. 

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