NVIDIA Suggests Rolling Back Windows 10 to Fix Game Issues

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28 June 2019 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Nvidia logo. Mark of famous company of video cards. Inventor of the GPU.
Microsoft are working on updates for the updates.

An NVIDIA staff member has responded to complaints about game performance by suggesting Windows users rollback their computer to an earlier version of Windows 10. Gamers have complained of low frame rates and stuttering since the release of the April 2021 cumulative update. 


“This update seems to introduce a large amount of stuttering on my RTX 3070/R5 3600 rig. I initially thought it was corrupting the OS or graphics driver, but nope, the stuttering came back with every re-install and went away with every uninstall,” one Reddit user said.


Similar complaints have shown up across Reddit and even the Windows 10 Feedback Hub, the Microsoft Community forums, and the NVIDIA forums. 


An NVIDIA staff member responded to the complaints by suggesting users rollback from the optional KB5000842 update from March. The March update has all of the same feature updates as the April one but none of the security fixes. 


“If you are seeing lower performance in games, check if rolling back Windows 10 Update KB5000842 solves the issue,” wrote an NVIDIA staff member.  


We strongly recommend against uninstalling the update as the new update fixes over 100 security vulnerabilities in the operating system. Microsoft plans to release a new preview cumulative update soon that will hopefully fix the gaming issues. 


If gaming issues persist, users can update their graphics card drivers or roll those drivers back without losing the security updates. 

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