Players Abandon ‘Outriders’ Over Inventory-Eating Bug

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Outriders game running on TV screen, 8th April, 2021, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Outriders got off to a strong start but has been hit with technical issues.

It’s been less than two weeks since Outriders launched and already the game is running into problems. After a strong launch, players are now abandoning the game over a bug that wipes player inventories, eliminating potentially hundreds of hours of progress. 


The demo version for Outriders received critical acclaim despite some technical issues. The Day 1 patch fixed most of those issues and gave players a lot of hope for the potential of the game. Now those players are afraid to play the game due to a fear that their inventory could be next. 


The inventory bug has been present in the game since it was first released. Many players have already fallen victim to the bug. The Reddit community for the game is filled with people complaining about their items being deleted when they log into the game. 


Players report the bug only strikes when players get disconnected in multiplayer lobbies, but there are fresh reports of it happening in single-player mode too. People Can Fly, the game developer behind Outriders, is aware of the situation and is trying to support the community. The developer recently promised to compensate all players affected by technical issues. People Can Fly also promised a one-off restoration event to restore player inventories. 


The developers recently added preventative measures to reduce inventory wipe risk. The measures were meant to prevent the bug from happening, but some are concerned that a permanent fix isn’t possible. The studio admitted in a Reddit support thread that they believed the bug will occur in the future and are working on ad hoc solutions for inventory wipes. 


This inventory wiping bug is just one of the issues affecting Outriders. The game still has technical issues affecting PC performance and unstable servers that disconnect players without warning. These server issues are notable as the inventory wiping bug mainly strikes when players are disconnected. 

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