Resident Evil Village Demo Goes Live – And PC Users Have Already Hacked the Timer

Man play Resident Evil Village demo on Playstation 5, 3 Mar 2021, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Resident Evil VIII launches in just a few days.

The demo version of Resident Evil Village has gone live across all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Google Stadia. The demo was originally intended to be up for only 24 hours, but Capcom relented and said that the demo will be up until the end of this week


As with the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo, players have just one hour before the demo locks itself and can’t be accessed again. One hour simply isn’t enough to see and explore the whole castle and village area though. The good news, for PC users at least, is that Steam users have already worked out how to reset the timer. 


Here’s how you can spend longer in the Village, according to Leaves on Steam:


If you run the demo again after all this, you’ll see the timer is reset back to one hour. If you don’t feel like jumping through all those hoops, then you’ll have to use a different platform or wait until the game is released. Resident Evil Village is due for release on May 7th, so you won’t be waiting long. 

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